3CC's & 3RCC's

Born 16th November 1961


Mark at Chester Championship Show 1963



...and his sister Marbelton Top Spin, who won 1st in Limit Bitch

Image: Top Spin-Chester Ch Show '63


Mark on the ropes !


Bath Champ. Show 1964 "...As we waited outside the ring for our class to be called I caught Mark with a devilish gleam in his eyes. The next thing I knew Mark had the ropr that cordoned off the ring.. in his mouth! I tried to pull him off but to no avail, he just tightened his grip and smirked at me. I tried reasoning with him and ended up pleading "Mark, pleeease let go of the rope." No luck. By now the class had assembled and Judge Jessamy Mould was walking around the ring. "Mrs Mould!" I cried, "Can you please wait for me... My dog is holding the rope in his mouth and I can't get him off it!" Jessamy came over to see what I was raving on about and sizing up the situation looked at me and said "Twist his balls. That'll get him off!"
"No," I said, "I'll try some liver." John brought some tasty bits of liver and Mark certainly noticed the smell but no, he wasn't giving up his rope for anything. It seemed that half the show people came to see the hold up Mark was causing and Jessamy very kindly said "I'll wait for him for as long as I can. Keep trying!" Twenty minutes had passed and I was quite red in the face by now but Mark was still gripping on like grim death. One of the onlookers came up with the bright idea that Mark might give up his rope if he got the scent of a bitch in season and hurried off to fetch one. Marion Fairbrother came over brandishing a cigarette. "This'll get him off," she said brusquely. She was about to burn his face with the cigarette and I shouted "NO YOU DON'T!" and slapped her hand away. At that Mark let go of the rope and turned to face Marion whom he thought was attacking me! After all that fuss Mark only managed to win third in his class but his sister Top Spin won the Bitch Reserve C.C.
(Extract taken from Mary's book "I Wish I Had A Champion")

Show Results

1st CC Northern Boxer Club 1963- Mrs Somerfield
RCC Mancunian Boxer Club 1963- Mr Fitzgerald
RCC Scottish Boxer Club 1963- Miss Haggie
2nd CC Scottish Kennel Club 1963- Mrs Withers
3rd CC Scotish Boxer Club 1964- Mr Jakeman
RCC Blackpool 1964- Mr Wynn

Mark was the Sire of 5 Champions, winning 52 CC's between them.

CH.Marbelton Mosaic 6CC

CH.Marbelton Pewter Pot 3CC

CH.Marbelton Double-O-Seven 7CC

CH.Marbelton Desperate Dan 29CC

CH.Seacrest Drummage of Mindenwood 7CC

Image: Mark's Hat Trick


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